Topeka Google April Fool - Google Name Change

Thursday, April 1, 2010

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Topeka Google April Fool - Google Name Change — What’s the hottest prank that is circulating all over the net on April Fools Day I believe some of us will agree that Topeka, Google April Fool prank is the only one. The reason is that I see many people discuss this prank. Most of them are asking why Google name change to Topeka. Although it’s being discussed again and again, however, do you really know why on April Fools Google change its name to Topeka? Google has made an explanation about the prank on its official blog.

Topeka, which refers to Topeka in kansas, is the luckiest city that was chosen as Google’s experimental on its ultra-fast broadband network. At the bidding of its mayor, Kansas city temporarily renamed itself as Google. That’s why it’s to give the honor for that movement.

For further information about Topeka Google April Fool and Google name change, go to Google official blog at

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