Shaan sings 3 Hinglish pop songs for Bird Idol

Monday, April 26, 2010

Singer Shaan is excited about lending his voice for the songs in the Hindi animation 3D film Bird Idol. Shaan has three songs in the movie, Happy Bird-Day, Hey you and Oomph, Soniye, which he had a great time singing. He believes that all of the three songs were very beautiful. Interestingly, all of them are Hinglish pop songs with a tinge of rock. The movie and the music is targeted towards children up to the age of 12 or for older people as long as they feel young inside. Shaan reveals that he enjoyed recording the songs.


Shaan isn’t just a singer; he also judges a number of music shows. He feels that it’s easy for judges as long as the singing is honest. He likes to focus on the depth of the voices of new entrants but he feels Bollywood is at fault for being in an experimentation phase where even non-singing voices are approved of.

He also believes that a song’s success depends on the singer and lyricist and that the popularity of a song depends on its exposure. The artiste plays an important role in highlighting the song because promoting a song individually is sometimes a difficult task. When the movie works, the songs work too. Some old songs are evergreen, and they are remembered even though the movie is forgotten.
He is glad to see though that melody is coming back to Hindi cinema


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