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Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Bejeweled Deluxe Version

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The facebook users are familiar with the 1 minute addictive game “bejeweled blitz”. It is free on facebook and many users addicted to games spend much of time on it in an effort to earn medals or bring their names on the top of the list. The list is renewed every week. Last week’s scores are eliminated.

Bejeweled blitz is available as a paid app for the iphone users. The app is connectible to facebook account. The available features include the medals and the leaderboards with a facility to post your new achievements.

Players can select among various modes like power gems and hyper cubes. The game can be played in portrait or landscape displays. The bejeweled blitz app is available on iTunes and is reported to be among the top bought apps. The app is priced at ten dollars that is quite expensive. The new version has 5 star medals and some improvements regarding

performance issues. Some of the users think that a 5 dollar price would be fair enough for the updated version. However, the rules of demand and supply allow the sellers to charge higher prices as long as the app is popular.

Bejeweled blitz was released in 2008 as an app for facebook users. The game’s duration is one minute and the player has to match three identical jewels in a row or column to add to the scores. The jewel can be exchanged from the adjacent row or column. Bejeweled blitz is a short form of the original game bejeweled thatwas developed by the PopCap.


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