Chirayu Amin, The New Chairman Of Ipl

Monday, April 26, 2010
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The game over for Mr. Lalit Modi, the former Commissioner and one of the strongest influencer in the field of Indian cricket and especially in Indian Premium League. The money making machine was disconnected last night for Lalit Modi after his involvement in huge financial impropriety when BCCI issued a show cause notice to Lalit Modi and suspended from the Commissioner of Indian Premier League.

Chirayu Amin is the name picked by BCCI for the interim Chairmanship of IPL. Shashank Manohar stated by declaring the appointment of Chirayu Amin as the Provisional Chairman of IPL, BCCI chief told that Modi’s suspension was just to help him and now he has nothing to do with the IPL anymore.

Cricket controlling body believed that issuance of notice to Modi was just to provide him time to defend himself against the allegations of financial impropriety.

Appointment of Chirayu Amin is surprising for everyone around Indian Cricket and Indian Premier League. Two names of Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Sharsti largely expected for the appointment of Chairman of Indian Premier League.

Chirayu Amin is heading Pharmaceuticals named Alembic Pharmaceuticals and also working as the Chief of Baroda Cricket Association.

IPL third addition is over and Chennai Super kings defeated Mumbai Indians in the finals of the third addition. Although the competition finished smoothly as far as Cricket was concerned but administrative and financial scandals made the expensive league very controversial and it has been believed that future of IPL is really uncertain


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