Intel Offers CPU upgrade card

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The new CPU upgrade card will have code contained in it that will give a speed bump to your processor and take its performance to the next level. Right now the CPU upgrade card is in its test phase and it will be soft launched in certain stores to gauge the consumer reaction.IntelInside

The new Cpu Upgrade card will be able to help PC owners running Pentium G6951 2.8 GHz dual core system might be able to take advantage of this new technology. The cards will be priced at a modest USD 50 and they will increase the computing power by a certain degree but don't expect Core i-7 like performances.

The CPU upgrade apparently unlocks some additional cache memory on the processor and provides 1MB of L3 cache. The code also activates hyper-threading, which forces the single core CPU to act like a dual core model. Intel representatives said that they want to give users a way to choose the level of performance they want from their processor. On the other hand we think this is a shoddy marketing strategy to make users cough up more money by locking up certain features in the hardware itself.


'Master Chef India

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ishi and Randhir Kapoor with Akshay Kumar grace the 'Master Chef India' show at Filmcity



'Dabangg’ star Sonakshi tumbles down at the ramp

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Sonakshi’s career might have reached dizzying heights after her debut hit film ‘Dabangg’, but sadly the actress embarrassed herself badly at a recent fashion show in Bangalore.Sonakshi-Sinha

The actress fell flat while sashaying on the ramp as the showstopper at the 6th edition of Seagrams Blenders Pride Fashion Tour at Leela Palace Kempinski on Sunday.

Sonakshi was showstopper for designer Gavin Miguel
Zayed and Soanskshi, who walked the ramp as a show stopper for Vikram Phadnis and Gavin Miguel, on the day 2 of Seagrams Blenders Pride Fashion Tour did set the ramp on fire.

While for some it was a treat to watch Sonakshi in the golden flowing dress with edgy crystal embellishments on the ramp, others were disappointed to watch her disastrous trip after missing three steps on the ramp.

Talking about the stumble on the steps, choreographer Alison Woodham stated, “She was aware of the three steps as she watched the rehearsal in the afternoon soon after she arrived. She could have pulled up the gown while climbing down the stairs, which she didn't. I think she tripped on the outfit."

Sonakshi was embarrassed
It’s also believed that after the show, Sonakshi screamed at the organizers for not letting her know about the three steps before walking the ramp.

Incidentally, sources at the ramp stated that one must rehearse before the show and Sonakshi’s fall did embarrass everyone.

“She was very upset after exiting and screamed at one of the organizers, saying, 'Why didn't you tell me there were three steps?' It was embarrassing for everyone, including the designer. Since a show-stopper isn't a model, it's imperative for her to rehearse,” replied sources.

Meanwhile, the other showstopper Bollywood actor Zayed Khan, who walked for Vikram Phadnis stated that it was sad that Sonakshi fell on the ramp.

“But I love stunts and if I had tripped, I would have made it into a quick action act,” further added the actor.


BlackBerry unveils PlayBook tablet to take on iPad

Canadian wireless giant Research in Motion (RIM), the maker of the BlackBerry, Monday unveiled its tablet computer called PlayBook to take on Apple's iPad.blackberry-playbook-650x352

Targeted mostly at business people (like its BlackBerry smart phone), the PlayBook is half the size of the iPad. Weighing the same as the iPad, it is just 9.77 millimetre thick.

The tablet, which will fit neatly into a small corporate suitcase, is to hit the North American market early next year and available elsewhere later in 2011. Unveiling the PlayBook at the company developers' annual meeting in San Francisco, RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis said, "RIM set out to engineer the best professional-grade tablet in the industry with cutting-edge hardware features and one of the world's most robust and flexible operating systems.

"The BlackBerry PlayBook solidly hits the mark with industry leading power, true multitasking, uncompromised web browsing and high performance multimedia.''
The PlayBook supports 1080p high-definition video and carries two high-definition front and rear-facing cameras. Supported by one GHz dual-core processor, the tablet offers all BlackBerry applications as well as security specifications needed for business users.

The cheering news for BlackBerry users is that through a secure wireless link, the Playbook can also be used as a second and bigger screen for their smart phone. And when they disconnect the two, no secure BlackBerry will be left on the PlayBook.

Wherever Wi-Fi is not available,  users can access the Web by linking to their BlackBerry smart phone. Whereas Apple didn't use Flash in its iPad on the grounds that Adobe's software is full of bugs and drains battery, RIM's PlayBook offers Flash for video and interactive material on the web. In a way, Flash will make the PlayBook less dependent on third-party applications.

"I don't need to download a YouTube app if I have got YouTube on the web.  Much of the market has been defined in terms of how you fit the Web to mobility. What we're launching is really the first mobile product that is designed to give full web fidelity,'' said the RIM co-CEO.

As expected, the PlayBook will operate on a new software platform built by QNX Software Systems. The BlackBerry maker had acquired Ottawa-based QNX Software Systems for $200 million in April to have exclusive access to its software technology for its tablet. Indicating how powerful this QNX operating system is, RIM says it can work on machines that run four, eight, 16 and 32 processors.

The unveiling of the PlayBook is a smart move by the BlackBerry maker to remain as the top provider of mobile devices for business people, say analysts. According to them, since most companies have their IT department already deeply integrated with RIM technology because of their use of  BlackBerry smart phones, coporates and businesses will adopt the PlayBook, helping RIM establish a niche position in the tablet market despite early lead by Apple's iPad.

After the launch of Apple's iPad in April, Dell, Samsung, Cisco and RIM are all rushing into the tablet market.


Shakira heats up Jack Magazine

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Colombian singer Shakira is the Hi-Tech figure on the cover page of Jack Magazine Italy for the month of September 2010



Marlo Thomas

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Marlo-ThomasMarlo Thomas:TV series “That Girl” was a hit in 1960 for Marlo Thomas. Many well-known and highly identifiable actresses have tried and Many other roles followed – in show business and in real life.
If you happen to be cruising New York Harbor, you can spot the man who looks a little familiar.

Marlo Thomas has to be one of the hardest working women in show business. Just ask a boat captain – who also happens to be her husband Thomas, a former talk show host Phil Donahue.

“I mean, her brain on fire and she just holds out his hand. It does not air kiss of life. She grabs him, and it is very impressive, actually.”

We learned, as Thomas TV “That Girl”, and she has appeared on countless other TV shows, including playing the mother of Rachel on “Friends.” Thomas won an Emmy for a more serious role, portraying a mentally ill woman in “Children’s Nobody’s”.

She has appeared on Broadway, too, and has published several books, including one of the new next week, “Growing up, laughing,” about life with her late father, the 1950′s and 60′s comedy star Danny Thomas.

He always said: “I’m not proud, I’ll take a joke from someone if it’s a good joke. And I think it really gave my sister and brother, and I’m a real leg to assess humor, laughter assessment,” she said.

Today, Marlo Thomas penthouse with views of Manhattan, but she grew up in Beverly Hills, where Tom was a hangout for some of the most famous American comedians.

Milton Berle: “. He was completely on all the time he entertained at our parties birthday he did card tricks are very bad..”

Sid Caesar. “Very quiet, most comfortable when he spoke in the accent”

On George Burns: “I just worshiped him that he is the one who stood up for me when my dad said that he did not want me to actress and George would have said: ..” What do you want it to be, a milliner? Of course, it’s going to be an actress. ”

On her father: “… He really did not want me to do this he had many rough years, the years of the start and it just was afraid for me, he told me later, he said:” I just Didn “I want to get through these first years with someone that I love. ”

But it is clicked, landing small roles in shows like “Bonanza,” where she played the role of the Sino-Persian bride mail who clashes with Hoss Cartwright.

But in 1966 she helped to develop his own show, about that yet, aspiring actress.
Thomas was supposed to have big hair. It was a revolutionary show, the first time in the history of the protagonist in a comedy was a young career woman who lived on her own. Further, only at the dawn of the women’s movement, the series was a hit.

So it was a big wave, and “That Girl” just rode that wave, “she said. Mail we got was simply amazing. I mean, I was expecting, I love your flips and all that. But they wrote to me and told me 22 years and have two children and a husband beats me, and I do not know where to go. ”

Those letters prompted Thomas to join forces with Gloria Steinem and other leading feminists found Ms. Foundation to assist women.

And she produced and starred in the historical record and album of the Emmy-winning TV show called “free to be you and me.” He urged young people not to be bound by gender stereotypes.

The scene where she and Harry Belafonte to appear, the couple raised a few eyebrows online.

“ABC asked us to take it. They also asked us to accept that William wants a doll, because it was, you know,” boys should not have dolls.

“But, you know, the country does not include parts. And no one got a doll that did not want a doll.”

Despite all this, Marlo Thomas is always time for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, raising funds, and support groups. This was another part of her family heritage.

And proudly shines above all is Danny Thomas. Marlowe’s father, founded the hospital in 1962.

“We thought St. Jude was one of our uncle, we have heard his name like that,” she said.

From St. Jude, and everything else, one thing that never interested in Marlo Thomas was married.

“What is it to pull the marriage? You know, I was totally against it. But never say never.”

Because “never” gone when Thomas was a guest on the show Phil Donahue in 1977. They loved each other. But we know about her vow against marriage, he had to spoil the courage to offer.

“It does not happen overnight. I was scared,” said Donahue. “I mean, five children. Come on, ‘Here, honey, that’s five children.”

She took in every case and, as she writes in her new book, she moved to Phil and his four teenage sons still live at home.

“What really got to me, however, was that they were asking me where their things were. Where are my shoes?” Phil would always ask. What is it about men? “They think that we women, radar attached to the uterus. And what really killed me was that I knew where they were. I knew where the shoes were Phil. I knew where all four boys. How did this happen? ”

But 30 years later, they are still happily sailing along. And with the launch of its new website, and the movie soon to be released, she has no plans to resign. In fact, he did not even ask how old she is.


Tata Motors to launch Aria in October

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Tata Motors’ ambitious multi-utility and sports vehicle Aria is just a month away from launch. The MUV unveiled at the Auto Expo in New Delhi, will give Toyota Innova and Mahindra Xylo some stiff competition.


Billed as the 'made for India' car, the vehicle will be priced at about Rs 10 lakh according to industrial sources. Tata Motors confirmed this development that the festive season will be perfect time to launch Aria. Sure enough we can expect an array of features if Tata Motors has to match the offerings piled by Toyota and Mahindra in this section.


Online Registration At Vajiram And Ravi Has Begun

book2Vajiram and Ravi has begun with its online registration. Candidates who are interested in making their careers in civil services eagerly wait for the admissions in this institute. The candidates can register themselves through the official website of the Vajiram and Ravi.


The link of the official website is mentioned below, kindly click on it, to get registered.

The official website has the complete information regarding the registration process and admission process. The candidates are requested to go through the complete website before registering themselves. This will also help the students to solve their queries, if they have any.

The candidates are requested to register themselves at the earliest. The dates for registration are 25, 26 and 27 September, 2010, respectively. After 27, no enteries will be entertained. The timing for registration is 09:00am to 04:00pm, daily.

For any further enquiry, log on to the afore mentioned website or directly contact M/S Vajiram and Ravi.


Anjana Anjani Movie Review Cast and Crew

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Release Date : 24th Sepetember.

Movie Review :Anjana-Anjani-20101

Ranbir Kapoor plays ‘ Akash ’ who love to be all alone, unapproachable with all and some times even with himself.
Priyanka Chopra plays ‘ Kiran ’ who is full of life, happy go lucky and believes in  living for that moment.

Anjana Anjani is a story of two strangers Akash and Kiran who meet as strangers and fall in love with each other and don’t realize it.
The two strangers go on fulfilling their last wises on their bicoastal road journey, which is packed with a lot of adventures and then there is a twist in their journey. The two part as strangers as they met, will the two discover their love is the story of Anjana Anjani

Cast and Crew :

Actors : Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra
Director : Sidharth Anand
Producer : Sajid Nadiadwala
Music : Vishal and Shekhar
Story : Mamta Anand
Choreography : Ahmad Khan


IGNOU to provide English course through Nokia phone

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Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) said it would provide a certificate programme in English through Nokia phone's Ovi Life Tools. nokia-n93-open

"We will initially start this programme in six districts of Maharashtra. After six months, depending on the response, we will launch it on a national level," IGNOU Vice Chancellor V.N. Rajasekharan Pillai told reporters.

IGNOU has entered into a strategic collaboration agreement with Nokia to provide the programme. It will be in functional English provided mainly through SMS. "We have entered into an exclusive agreement with Nokia for this programme. This is a first-of-its-kind collaboration to provide English education on a large scale," said Pillai, adding IGNOU might sign a similar deal with other companies to accelerate education growth in the country.

The six-month certificate programme in functional English will begin from January next year. It is divided in three levels - English in daily life, English in education and joining the workforce. It will cost Rs.1,900. D. Shivakumar, managing director, Nokia India, said the company hadtaken the initiative to accelerate education growth in the country.

"Nokia's Ovi Life Tools is aimed at bridging information gaps by providing timely and relevant information customised to the user's location, language and personal preferences directly on their mobile devices," said Shivakumar.

Ovi Life Tools, launched by Nokia in June 2009, is a range of services covering agriculture, education and entertainment. It supports 10 Indian languages -- Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati and Oriya -- besides English.

Shivakumar said quality English education would be made available to the people living in far-flung areas through Ovi Life Tools as it can work wherever a mobile phone works. "Education is considered a necessary skill for progress and gateway to a better future. Our association with IGNOU will immensely benefit students through the dissemination of quality educational content,"Shivakumar added.


Internet Explorer 9 hits 2 mn downloads

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Internet-Explorer-9Microsoft's latest browser Internet Explorer 9, which rolled out "beta" test version last week, touched over 2 million downloads within 48 hours of its launch, claims the company.

This is in sharp contrast to 1.3 million downloads Internet Explorer 8 Beta received over first 5 days when it was launched in August 2008.

Roger Capriotti of Microsoft wrote on the company's IE blog, "The initial reaction has been pretty overwhelming." Capriotti added, "We've seen 9 million visits and over 26 million page views to the Beauty of the Web site since its release last week, and our developer-focused IE Test Drive Site has had 4 million page views since last Wednesday."

Among key features, the new IE 9 offers support for HTML5, a catch phrase for an updated set of rules and specifications that website programmers use. HTML5, which is currently under development, will include video playback and other graphics-intensive features.

The new browser also uses the PC's graphics processing unit -- the same chips that make the images in elaborate video games run smoothly -- to make images, animations, movie clips and other visuals appear or play faster.

As for system requirements, the new browser works on PCs with Windows 7 or Vista, but not on PCs with the much more widely used Windows XP or on Macs.

IE9 is available in a public beta, or trial version, in more than 30 languages.


CPT Online exam 2010 registration starts

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icai_471681092The online registration for CPT October 2010 examination has been started and will close on October 5, 2010.

The Candidates, seeking career in CA, can get registered at the Institute of Charted Accountants of India (ICAI) for the CPT exam 2010.

The Registration for is available at ICAI Exam’s official website:

Students are advised to kindly visit the aforesaid website to get registered soon for the CPT October 2010 exam, scheduled for October 23-24, 2010.

For the CPT October exam 2010, candidates are advised to visit the aforementioned website in detail before registration.

There five steps have been provided on the website to get registered.

How to fill CPT online registration for the October 2010 examination

Step 1: Create an e-mail account (If you are a new user). The users registered for any previous exams will have to re-register

Step 2: Login and Pay Fee Online

Step 3: Take printout of the application form on A4 size paper with the following Paper and Margin Settings:

Paper Size: A4
Top Margin: 0.49 cm or 0.19 inches
Bottom Margin: 0.49 cm or 0.19 inches
Left Margin: 0.99 cm or 0.39 inches
Right Margin: 0.99 cm or 0.39 inches
Step 4: Put Photograph & Signature: Paste the Photograph, Sign the form using Black/Blue Ink Pen and get the form attested by Principal/Member of the Institute/Parents, as mentioned in the form printed in step 3 above.

Step5: Send us the printout: Send the printout of the form by SpeedPost/Registered Post without folding and Superscribing the envelope and by the cut-off dates.

In case of problem in Registering for the Online Form please get in touch at 0120 - 3054851, 3054852, 3054853, 3054806, 3054834 Or write at


Beetel mobile phones price in India | Beetel triple sim Phones

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India’s top telecom services provider Bharti group Sunday entered the country’s mobile handset market, launching eight triple SIM phones priced between Rs.1,750-7,000.beetel-logo-300x95

Beetel Teletech, a subsidiary Bharti Enterprises, launched the ‘Beetel’ range of phones that includes ‘a gaming QWERTY phone, triple SIM offering GSM+GSM+CDMA, the first phone to house a complete movie and a 3G phone with an exceedingly well designed and easy user interface.’

The phones will offer a bouquet of value added services including popular social networking applications such as Facebook, a mobile commerce partner NgPay and a mobile portal browser.

The company plans to establish its presence across India by the end of the current fiscal.

The phones powered by GPRS technology will allow users to make free calls and send messages.

Click here for news in detail


Tata Nano Plus to hit Market in 2011 with great Features

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Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile company, is planning to offer its customers with the new variant of its Nano known as Nano Plus, by launching the improved version car in 2011. tata-nano-to-get-diesel-power

While Nano with Rs. 1 lac price tag was failed to give good target to Tata Motors, Nano Plus is expected to fill and make up the gap with its great up gradation.

The improved version Nano Plus will come with a powerful engine-1000 cc engine as against the older 623 cc engine, ABS, alloy wheel, integrated music system and improved interiors.

Nano Plus seems to be on the lines of Nano europa and is likely to compete with the Maruti Alto and Chevrolet Spark. However, the details about the price and features are yet to be revealed. The company said that Tata Nano Plus will hit the market in 2011 with a great availability at its new Sanand plant.


Samsung Galaxy Tab to cost £800

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The Samsung P1000, also known as the Galaxy Tab, has a recommended retail price of £799.99, according to

The online retailer is offering 15 per cent off, bringing the price down to £679.99, and says the Tab will be dispatched “within one to two months”.If the price listing is correct, it would mean that the Galaxy Tab would cost significantly more than its key rival, the iPad. Prices for Apple’s device start from £429.

Samsung is yet to make an official announcement about the price of the Tab, but it is hoped that some mobile network operators will choose to subsidise the cost of the 3G-enabled Tab in return for consumers taking out mobile data packages for the device.

The Galaxy Tab will also be available in the United States from the four major carriers – AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. Samsung held a press conference yesterday to give more details about its tablet computer.

"The Galaxy Tab will redefine the tablet market," said Dale Sohn, president of Samsung’s telecoms division in the US. "We expect to be a major player in this market."

The Galaxy Tab has a 7in screen and runs Froyo, the most recent version ofGoogle’s Android operating system. It has Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity built in, and features two cameras, a three-megapixel lens on the back and a 1.3-megapixel camera on the front for making video calls.

One crucial differentiator between the iPad and Samsung’s device is that the Tab will play Adobe Flash content. Apple has famously jettisoned Flash in favour of rival standard HTML5, but it renders many web pages unreadable on Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


New designers blaze a trail at LFW opener

: New talent took centrestage at the opening show of the Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) today - from futuristic designs to collections inspired by human emotions, there were varied designs, approaches and colours put together by six young and upcoming designers.lfw
The show kickstarted with sisters Riddhi and Siddhi Mapxencar's western line collection in shades of grey and blue with a touch of red. Models were seen sporting construction headgear.
In the next segment, models walked the ramp in the soft, flowy drapes of Juilee Bendhkale, which were patterned geometrically for an urban look. While the collection boasted of fabrics like silk, georgettes, chiffons and raw silks, the colour palette ranged from blacks to greys with a hint of orange.
"My collection was inspired by the human emotion desire. I particularly used the silhouette of the 1980s with puffed sleeves to exaggerate the shapes of the human body," Bendhkale told media, describing her collection.
Fazal Mahmood and Akanksha Arora's designs focused on the Gen Next and the designs were purely futuristic with one of them even having lights on the jacket.
"We showcased a completely conceptualised line where we drew inspiration from transhumanism (the use of science and technology to improve human mental and physical characteristics and capacities). We have used a lot of velvets, polyester and organic fabrics and also recyclable materials like tyres, pipes and tetrapacks," said Arora.
Pragya and Megha Samor's bright and vibrant collection was dedicated to the media fraternity with an amalgamation of colours like black and white with various fluorescents, while Jelin George offered a total black outing. With mirror works on evening dresses and a little bit of shimmer thrown in, the collection was a blingy affair.
The show concluded with Ruchika Sachdev's biomechanics inspired collection.
"I showcased a futuristic collection, the reason why I used a lot of silver to get that fact across. I've tried to keep it as urban and international as possible with junky jewellery and hardware on clothes," said Sachdev.
On the whole, the first show of the first day show has impressed the fashionistas who are eagerly lookign forward to other shows.
Ace designer Wendell Rodrigues, who was a part of the jury that selected the new designers, was elated with the success of the show.


Spice MI 700 – 7-inch touchscreen tablet with Android OS

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Spice MI 700
The new Spice MI 700  is a  7-inch HVGA touchscreen tablet  running the latest Android 2.2 operating system. Spice MI 700 is an Internet tablet supporting all the latest Android Apps with the Android 2.2 OS.Spice Mi-700 will run on the  MSM7227 chipset from Qualcomm. Spice-MI700

Spice Mi 700 Internet tablet key features :

Android 2.2 Operating system
Qualcomm MSM7227 processor
High speed 3G connectivity 3G HSDPA
Wireless LAN WiFi
GPS with aGPS
Google services like GMail,Google Maps,etc.
Music Player
Video Player
USB connectivity
Web browser

Spice MI 700 Price
Spice MI700 price : The new Spice MI700 price is not revealed yet.It is expected to be launched in couple of months.


Twitter gets makeover, new features

Thursday, September 16, 2010 0 comments

Microblogging sensation Twitter, which is now signing up 370,000 new users daily on average, is redesigning its website to make it easier for its millions of users to navigate the service and discover new information.TwitterGrub
The four-year-old company, which this month reported more than 145 million users, announced new improvements, such as embedded YouTube videos and other content, which is featured in a new two-pane layout.
Twitter Chief Executive Evan Williams said the overhauled features a completely new architecture, which is more responsive and user-friendly
"It makes it such a richer and faster experience," Williams said at a press conference to announce the new site. Twitter allows users to send 140-character text messages -- tweets -- to groups of followers. The company has quickly become one of the Web's most popular social networking services, along with Facebook and LinkedIn.
Williams said more than 90 million tweets are sent per day on average. He hopes the new site will improve discovery, making more of an information resource.
"You don't need to tweet. Twitter can be great just as a way to get information," Williams said. Twitter is increasingly challenging established Web giants such as Yahoo Inc and Google Inc for consumers' online time.
Forrester analyst Augie Ray said the Twitter redesign should help improve engagement with users. "Twitter's new Web functionality is a significant evolution that promises to attract more visits to, improve Twitterers' interactions with content and each other, and ease adoption for Twitter newbies," Ray said in a blog post.
The new will start rolling out to a small percentage of users currently, and will be rolled out incrementally on a global basis over the next several weeks.
The company is aiming to broaden Twitter's appeal. It is also rolling out a new advertising system, as it aims to transform it huge user base into a sustainable, revenue-generating business.
Williams said he hopes the redesign will help to better monetize the service. Twitter's backers include Spark Capital, Benchmark Capital, mutual fund giant T Rowe Price and private equity firm Insight Venture Partners.


Lady Gaga wins 8 MTV Video Music Awards

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 0 comments

61618544 Lady Gaga dominated the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles taking home eight prizes including video of the year.

The singer, 24, who won seven of her "moon man" trophies for Bad Romance, cried as she picked up the top award from Cher at the end of the night.

"I was so nervous tonight that I'd let my fans down," she said.

Meanwhile, country star Taylor Swift sang a song about Kanye West. who invaded the stage at last year's awards and sabotaged her acceptance speech.

At last year's event, Kanye West stormed the stage after Taylor Swift won the best female video prize and said: "Taylor, I'm really happy for you and I'm gonna let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time" - referring to the R&B star's black and white dance video for Single Ladies.

At Sunday night's awards - presented by comedian Chelsea Handler - Swift, 20, sang a new song called Innocent which appeared to be an acceptance of West's repeated apologies over the incident.

Rapper Eminem, who opened the evening's proceedings with performances of hits Not Afraid and Love the Way You Lie - featuring Rihanna - picked up best hip-hop video and best male video for the former song.

Best new artist Justin Bieber, 16, who was also one of the evening's performers, said: "I come from a little town in Canada, I never thought I'd be in this position."


Raveena poses for PETA to shun animal skins

Monday, September 13, 2010 0 comments

Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon is trying to create awareness about the sufferings of snakes and other animals whose skins are used to make accessories, by posing for an advertisement for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).raveena02
In the ad, the 35-year-old is wearing a slinky outfit that resembles snakeskin while lying in a pool of blood, with the words - Wearing Exotic Skins Kills. Leave Wildlife Out of Your Wardrobe - written below it.

"Wearing shoes, clothes and other accessories made out of exotic skin is about as cold-blooded as it gets," said Raveena in a statement released here Monday.

"These days, there's a wild kingdom of fake snake, mock crocodiles and python leather that pay tribute to the beauty of these animals without making them fashion victims."

The National Award winning actress wants consumers to know about the suffering that snakes, alligators and other animals endure before their skins are made into shoes, bags and other products.

"Snakes are commonly nailed to trees or posts and skinned alive. After animals' mutilated bodies are discarded, it can take hours for them to die. Alligators on factory farms are crammed into small spaces and then beaten to death with hammers or axes," said Raveena.

She has now joined the bandwagon of celebrities like John Abraham, Pamela Anderson, Sir Paul McCartney and Jackie Chan who have taken part in campaigns for PETA to save animals.


Kangana Ranaut Heats Up ANDpersand Magazine

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Kangana Ranaut Heats Up ANDpersand Magazine

kanganaranaut1 kanganaranaut2


Megan Fox strips for Emporio Armani

Saturday, September 11, 2010 0 comments

Hollywood actress Megan Fox will give her own version of room service in a new Emporio Armani advertisement, where she is wearing the bare minimum. megan_fox_01

In the advertisement, the "Transformers" beauty will be seen opening the door to her hotel room wearing only a bra, knickers and a shirt, reports dailystar. co. uk.(IANS)


Action Replay | First Look | Trailer | Star Cast | Release

Friday, September 10, 2010 0 comments

Action Replay is the upcoming movie starring Akshay Kumar, Aishwarya Rai and Neha Dhupia. Action Replay is Directed as well as Produced by Vipul Shah. Action Replay is having one of the hot Pair that is Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai. Action Replay is also having Randhir Kapoor playing an important role in the movie.


Action Replay is having a story based on a 1994 Gujarati Drama. Action Replay is a comedy flick which tells about 1950′s. Action Replay is assumed to hit the theaters on 5th November.  The Movie is comedy one and that too with Akshay Kumar so, it may be a hit. We are here with the first look of Action Replay or also you can say that Action Replay Trailer. Action Replay First Look is Exclusively present on few sites with one of us in them. Action Replay is looking to be a nice movie with its first look.

Now you all just Watch the Action Replay Trailer or Action Replay First Look here on this site.


Google search accelerates with 'instant' results

Thursday, September 9, 2010 0 comments

Google is accelerating its search engine by displaying the results as soon as users begin to type in their requests.Google’s new feature offers an ever-evolving set of results in the middle of the page with each character you type into the search box.

The new “Instant Search’ introduced on Wednesday means people will start to see an ever-evolving set of results in the middle of the page with each character they type into the search box. The new feature will gradually roll out throughout the rest of the day.

Instant Search grew out of Google Inc.’s quest to deliver search results as quickly as possible. Google believes this feature will enable its search engine to anticipate what a person is looking for with just one keystroke.

Google is counting on the latest innovation to help maintain its dominance of the lucrative search market as rivals Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp. join forces.


Coca-Cola launches visual logo, marketing campaign for CWG

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 0 comments

Coca-Cola India, the official beverage partner of the 2010 Commonwealth Games Tuesday, announced the launch of its new Visual Identity System (VIS) and logo for the Games in Delhi.coca_cola_robot
The VIS is an integrated marketing campaign which will be used extensively in packaging, point of sale materials, product delivery trucks, equipments, and out of home media to attract people for the Oct 3-14 event.

An extensive outdoor campaign will be launched in competition and non-competition venues of the Commonwealth Games including the Games venues, training venues, Games village etc. The campaign for the Games has been developed by McCann Erickson.

More than 2000 outlets, partnership with Delhi Tourism for activation of key venues, consumer sampling, road shows, contests etc will be part of the outdoor campaign.

Conceptualized on the platform of "Go Dilli, Let Sports Win", the VIS encourages people to participate in and support the Oct 3-14 Commonwealth Games.

The VIS is inspired by the Chakra in Commonwealth Games Logo, the cultural symbol of celebration - 'Ambi or Paisley' and the architecture of Lotus temple in Delhi.

"The new identity that we have launched today will help us leverage and build excitement for the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, long before the first medals are awarded in October," said Atul Singh, President and CEO, Coca-Cola India.

"By associating with the Commonwealth Games, we will have the opportunity to refresh more than 8000 athletes and delegates and more than 30,000 volunteers that will take part in the Games."


Google ‘Health Speaks’ for online medical info in Hindi

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 0 comments

Internet search giant Google is encouraging volunteers to translate health-related articles in Hindi under its initiative to boost the amount of online medical information in local has introduced pilots for its initiative ’Health Speaks’ that aims to increase the online health information in Hindi, Arabic and Swahili.

The search giant said it has chosen hundreds of health articles, written in English, from Wikipedia for their translation. Volunteers who are bilingual in English and anyone of the vernaculars are being encouraged to translate the literatures with assistance from the Google Translator Toolkit.

Translators are also supposed to review the articles and make it locally relevant before publishing it on the corresponding local language Wikipedia site.

Pilot programmes are supported with a donation incentive, awarding local charities with funds based on the number of words volunteers translate, Google said in a statement.

For the first 60 days, Google will donate 3 US cents (about 45 paise) to the Public Health Foundation of India, New Delhi, for each English word translated in Hindi. The maximum donation would USD 50,000.

The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 and the African Medical and Research Foundation would get the same amount for the pilots in Arabic and Swahili, respectively.

“Language should not be the barrier that denies millions of people worldwide the opportunity to improve their health with valuable health information,” Jennifer Haroon, Manager of Health Initiatives at, said.

In most parts of the world, quality information that would help people to improve their health is not available online in local languages. In 2004, Lancet -- a medical journal -- described the lack of access to health information as a “major barrier to knowledge-based healthcare in developing countries.”

The authors then noted “among currently available technologies, only the Internet has the potential to deliver universal access to up-to-date healthcare information.”

Currently, professional translation of high quality health content is expensive and there are difficulties in finding translators for some non-western languages


Charmian Carr The Sound Of Music

Monday, September 6, 2010 0 comments

Charmian-Carr Charmian Carr is an American singer and actress . She is best known for her role as Liesl, the eldest von Trapp daughter in The Sound of Music, where she played with Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Nicholas Hammond, Heather Menzies, Duane Chase, Angela Cartwright, Debbie Turner and Kym Karath.

Carr was born Charmian Farnon in Chicago, Illinois. It is the second child vaudeville actress Rita Oehman and musician Brian Farnon, who named it after Charmian character from Shakespeare’s play “Antony and Cleopatra.  She has two sisters, elder and younger. Her older sister Sharon and her younger a sister, Darlene. Although Charmian was in college part-time and working as a doctor, his mother got her audition for a role in “The Sound of Music.” Charmian’s mother never even asked her if she wants to try out for the part, but she grew up in a family show business, and she knew that she was cast in the film would have been much more work to his mother than to earn a college degree. Director Robert Wise thought Farnon too long to name her, and after he gave her a list of names of one syllable She chose Carr. The film is generally very happy experience for her, but during the filming of the scene in the gazebo, it slipped right through the window, and was forced to finish the stage in agony. If you are distributing the film after the liberation, she met and married Jay Brent May 1967 and had two daughters, Jennifer and Emily. the marriage lasted until 1991. She now has two grandchildren, Emma and Derek. She began the interior of the company, whose clients included Michael Jackson.

Carr also appeared in the Evening Primrose, 1 hour musical written by Stephen Sondheim, which was broadcast on ABC television in 67 stages in 1966. Actor Anthony Perkins. She has written two books, Forever Liesl Liesl and letters.

On December 12, 2007, Carr made a rare television appearance as a guest on Loose Women, where she shared some of her memories to make “The Sound of Music” with the owners.


Teachers Day Messages,Happy Teachers Day SMS,Teachers Day Greeting Cards

Sunday, September 5, 2010 0 comments

Teachers Day Messages,Happy Teachers Day SMS,Teachers Day Greeting Cards:Teachers is one of the greatest people with whom you can come across in my life. They are not only dedicated donors, but also mentors in your life. At each step of his life, you come to cross the teachers who dedicate his life to educate students like you. Of course, the definition of teachers can not be limited to the subject because the teacher who will help you in your life teacher. Many times in life, you feel like to thank your teacher, but you can not find suitable cases. Since that day teachers to note the efforts that teachers and to thank him for being a guiding light in my life. You can express my gratitude for your teacher with Teacher’s Day messages. They are a kind of “Thank You” messages for teachers. Read the following messages to thank the teachers.Teachers_Day_Greeting_Cards_BollywoodSargam_talking_435028

Teacher’s Day message

* You are the best teachers in this world. Where can I go in my life, I will always remember that I have excellent leadership as a teacher, you.
* I found the manual, friendship, discipline and love, all rolled into one. This person (name of your teacher)
* Without you, we would be lost. Thank you, the teacher is guiding us, inspiring us and makes us what we have today.
* We will always be grateful for all the hard work and effort that you put in the field of education to us.
* You are not only our teachers. On the contrary, you are a friend, philosopher and guide, all formed in one person. We will always be grateful to you for your support.
* I can not say that always. But, I mean it when I’m talking about. Thank you teachers for what you have done for us.
* You were a mentor of life. Although I did not realize this before. Now it feels wonderful to have someone lead me in the right path in life. Happy Teacher’s Day!
* Thanks for being my teacher and guided me to the right path of life. I thank you teacher!
* With a great teacher like you, I was sure that life will be a successful journey, but I never knew you would make a journey with such success, ease. I can not express my gratitude sir!
* You have been more than a teacher-mentor, guide and philosopher! Thank you for blessing me.
* The success of your blessings, and teacher. I will always be grateful to you.
* The Best me, reminds me of you. Happy Teacher’s Day!
* Life is a journey, and your words were the guiding star throughout. Happy Teacher’s Day!
* Teacher, you always showed us the right path. Whatever little we have achieved in my life because of you only. Thank you for being our guide and mentor. Happy Teacher’s Day!


Twitter tops 145 million registered users: CEO

Saturday, September 4, 2010 0 comments

Twitter has over 145 million registered users and more people are using mobile devices to access the microblogging service, according to co-founder Evan Williams. twitter-logo
Williams, in a post on the Twitter blog late Thursday, also said that nearly 300,000 third-party applications have been developed around the service, which allows users to pepper one another with messages of 140 characters or less.
"These new services help people get the most out of Twitter, contributing to user growth and new business opportunities -- both of which are critical to the long-term viability of the ecosystem," Williams said.
The Twitter chief executive said the number of people using Twitter on mobile devices had jumped 62 percent since mid-April and 16 percent of new users start on mobile, up from five percent in April.
Forty-six percent of active Twitter users regularly use a mobile device, he said.
Twitter acquired a third-party mobile application called Tweetie in April and turned it into the official Twitter program for Apple's iPhone.
Applications also exist for using Twitter on Research in Motion's Blackberry and devices powered by Google's Android mobile operating system.
Williams also published figures on the top 10 applications people have used to access Twitter during the past 30 days.
Seventy-eight percent used the official website, 14 percent used Twitter's mobile website, eight percent used SMS, eight percent used Twitter for iPhone and seven percent used Twitter for Blackberry.
Other applications in the top 10 were TwitPic, a program for uploading photos, TweetDeck, Echofon, Google Friend Connect and UberTwitter.
Twitter said the numbers add up to more than 100 percent because people often use more than one application to access the service.


Samsung unveils iPad competitor Galaxy

Friday, September 3, 2010 0 comments

Samsung Electronics Co. unveiled a new tablet PC named Galaxy Tab as the latest device meant to rival Apple Inc.’s popular iPad.Thomas Richter, Head of Portfolio Management for Telecommunications Europe of Samsung presents the new Samsung Galaxy Tab

The device offers users “a new galaxy of possibilities” with features such as mobile video conferencing and a video chat function, Samsung Europe telecom executive Thomas Richter said Thursday at Berlin’s IFA consumer electronics fair.

The thin tablet device weighs 13.4 ounces (380 grams) and has a 7-inch (18-centimeter) touch screen, making it about three times that of an Apple iPhone, but roughly a third smaller than an iPad.

Richter said it comes with Google Inc.’s Android 2.2 operating system, which can run HTML5 and Adobe’s Flash Player - unlike the iPad.

The Galaxy will allow users to browse the web and check e-mail just as on a regular PC, Mr. Richter said.

“The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been designed to enable consumers to maximize their online experience wherever that may be,” the head of Samsung’s mobile communications business, J.K. Shin, said.

The price of the device will depend on telecommunications operators through which it will be available starting next month in Europe and later in fall in the U.S. and Asia, Samsung said.

The device supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G cell phone networks, making it a combination of smart phone and laptop. It “turns out to be a perfect speakerphone on the desk, or a mobile phone on the move via Bluetooth headset,” Samsung said.

The tablet PC also comes with two cameras, one 3-megabyte digital camera with a flash on the back of the device, and a second camera on the front for video conferences - a feature the iPad lacks, but other competitors such as Dell’s Streak tablet PC also offers.


Hitachi Ltd – Hitachi India IPO for Hard Drive Unit Planning

Hitachi Ltd announced to go for Initial Public Offering (IPO). Hitachi India IPO for Hard Drive Unit Planned by Hitachi Ltd. hitachi india limited and Hitachi Power Europe Announce Agreement with BGR Energy Systems to Establish Joint Ventures for Design, Manufacture, Installation and Commissioning of Steam Turbines/ Generators and Boilers for Super Critical Thermal Power Generation.
Hitachi Ltd.(TYO: 6501, NYSE: HIT) is a Japanese multinational corporation specializing in high-technology and services headquartered in Marunouchi Itchome, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. The company is the parent of the Hitachi Group (Hitachi Gurūpu) as part of the larger DKB Group companies. Hitachi is the third largest technological company by revenue as of 2009. On the 2007 Forbes Global 2000 list, Hitachi was ranked number
Hitachi Ltd is the world’s largest hard-drive maker with the value of nearly $3 billion for its hard-drive unit in the United States. However, the company did not disclose any further details about its IPO plan. But, bankers are in talks with the company regarding the IPO. Reports said Goldman Sachs Group Inc could be one of the underwriters and it is being expected that the company would announce about the underwriters officially on September. Besides, the Hitachi India Ltd is also considering selling a part of its unit.
For Further Detail You Should Visit At Global Site Of Hitachi.
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Apple unveils new iPods, cuts Apple TV price

Thursday, September 2, 2010 0 comments
Apple iPod touch 8 GB (2nd Generation--with iPhone OS 3.1 Software Installed) [NEWEST MODEL]Apple unveiled a refreshed line of iPods on Wednesday and slashed the price of the Apple TV box that streams television shows and movies over the Web to high-definition TV sets.
Apple chief executive Steve Jobs, speaking at an event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, said the second-generation of the Apple TV device would cost 99 dollars, down from 229 dollars.
Apple released the first version of its digital media receiver that routes TV show and movies from computers to HD TVs in 2007 but it never really caught on with the public.

Jobs said Apple TV owners will be able to rent HD movies for 4.99 dollars and television shows from the Fox and ABC networks for 99 cents. US users can also stream content from movie rental service Netflix, he said.
Jobs said the new version of Apple TV would be available in about four weeks.
Jobs, dressed in his trademark long-sleeved black shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes, said he was rolling out the "strongest new lineup of iPods we've ever had.
"It's the biggest change in the iPod lineup ever," he said.
The new iPod Touch allows for video calling. It has front- and rear-facing cameras which allow a user to hold video chats with iPhone or other iPod Touch owners using Wi-Fi and an Apple program called "FaceTime."

Jobs also showed off a new iPod Shuffle for 49 dollars and a touchscreen version of the middle-range iPod Nano starting at 149 dollars.
The new iPod Touch costs 229 dollars for the eight-gigabyte model, 299 dollars for the 32GB model and 399 dollars for the 64GB version.

RCom sets up 3G innovation lab in Mumbai

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 0 comments

rcom Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group firm Reliance Communications (RCOM) has set up an integrated third generation (3G) innovation laboratory to develop applications for mobile services consumers.
"The objective of the innovation lab is to facilitate the development of mobile service innovations through collaboration with third party developers," the company said in a statement Monday.

The laboratory is set up at R-ADAG's headquarters in Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City, near Mumbai.

The lab would involve a community of content developers, product innovators, technology platforms enablers and device manufactures. The collaborative unit will be formed through tie ups with top local as well as global partners who would further aid in improvising the innovation quotient, it said.

"Our 3G innovation lab will drive all 3G innovations for mobile as well as other platforms. It will aid in demystifying 3G technology and make it simpler for adoption among a cross section of customer groups," said Prashant Gokarn, head, RComm 3G Business.

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