Vikram Buddhi

Sunday, October 4, 2009

vikram-buddhi-150x150 Vikram Buddhi is a brilliant student and a scholar .He was arrested in 2006. He is suffering in the US jail. He was arrested for posting an anti bush post on the website. Vikram Buddhi declined the allegation and claimed that he never posted any of such material. The bush administrations at that time take it as a threat to the leader. His father is a former Navy Captain. Since the incident he is battling a long battle for his son.
The demand for the release on Indian from the US custody is increasing day by day since IIT-ians have joined the demand. The demand for the release of graduate student is at its best. The Indian government is also taking part in the demand for release of the student and demanding Obama administration for the release.
A well known lawyer of Supreme Court and a member of IIT Delhi Senate, Somnath Bharti showed his anger and said


“A very bright mathematics scholar Vikram Buddhi, who has also won an award for best lecturer at the University of Purdue, is languishing in a US jail without any evidence for about three years. Several IIT alumni under the umbrella organization Pan-IIT, will fight for justice for him,”

He also added

“There are many loopholes in the court trial. In fact it is quite surprising how someone could be kept behind the bars without single hard evidence against them,”

Vikram Buddhi was residing in the Purdue University Campus, which has along history of internet hacking. The efforts of The IIT-ians are at its best and they are demanding justice.


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