Honda u3x

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
honda u3xHonda has portrayed a dream into reality. Honda, a famous motor company, has developed a wonderful mobile vehicle device.On September 24, 2009, it was concealed by Honda’s CEO and will be introduced at Tokyo Motor Show at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. Honda gave it the name “U3-X” because, it is manufactured like ”U” shape. It is 10kg in weight and can run with 3.7 miles per hour speed after one hour proper
charging.U3-X, is a self balance motorized unicycle. It can easily move in any direction like a human movement. It works with the help ofa single wheel. It can drive without any hesitation. It is like a single wheel scooter.Honda has used Asimo Robot Technology in the manufacturing of “U3-X”. Honda tried to utilize this technology in common use. U3-Xhas become much wonder due to its multi direction wheel.
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This wheel composed on some small wheels. Before of this, same technology has used in some robots.Small wheels help to move side by side and large wheel works to move back and forward. It is first time using in such type of vehicle. The “U3-X” price is not finalized.

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