Young Frankenstein

Friday, October 30, 2009

Young Frankenstein Sirius XM Lists Top 101 “Halloween Horror Score Chop Down”- We Are Granted, it’s not terrifying, but terrifying isn’t exactly what they were going for on this list when they decided to include YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. And, if you’re going to include JAWS then you have to, at least, consider the score for Young Frankenstein

Downtown & a Movie, the weekly feature at Discovery Green will be playing Young Frankenstein tonight in honor of Halloween. This Mel Brooks film features Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle. Your kids probably won’t know who any of those people Young Frankenstein

Young FrankensteinThe peasants love it: Mel Brooks defends his musical creation .Young Frankenstein.

I must have been just five or six when I first saw the movie [James Whale's 1931 classic, "Frankenstein"], and it left an indelible impression on me,” Brooks recalled during a recent chat. “I still remember that it was summertime, and after I got home I told my mother to close the window to the fire escape in our fifth floor apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I was convinced that Frankenstein’s monster was going to climb up and eat me. And I knew, even at that age, that you couldn’t reason with a creature like that, or sit down and ask him ‘What do you need?’ It was hot, and my mother said we needed the air. And she reassured me that the monster would have to come all the way from Transylvania, and that he probably didn’t have the money for a boat. Plus, she said even if he got to New York he wouldn’t be able to climb up to the fifth floor.


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