richmond high school california

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Richmond High School in California became subject to attack. Richmond High School in California high schools in California, where a girl was raped and brutally beaten during the Homecoming Dance. The girl was waiting for his father to take him back to Richmond High School dance, when he was taken to the alley and beaten and gang raped 2 2 ½ hours. The LA Times, more than a dozen witnesses watched and approved or not play Richmond High School California: Attack of the Prom and after the arrest of police.
The incident at Richmond High School in California is a tragedy. When police arrived at Richmond High School, they found a girl naked from the waist up. The only reason that the police were called was because another female student overheard stories of the rape and called 9-1-1. While the rape at Richmond High School was taking place, the victim's father was frantically looking for her. The worst part of the Richmond High School in California rape case is that no one called police when they seen the attack taking place. There were about 7 attackers and 1 victim. The attackers were gang members.
So far, 2 arrests took place in high school, Richmond California rape. Arrest of 15 year old high school student in Richmond, California. The second arrest was 19, a former student. Costs include rape, robbery and kidnapping. When police arrived at Richmond High School, rape continues to occur in the allies


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