Suhas Gopinath

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Suhas has earned the unique distinction of being the world’s youngest CEO; he started his software company at age 14 and has since become one of the most remarkable success stories of teenage entrepreneurship.
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Today, he’s 23 and runs a world-class business with over 600 employees. His company Globals Inc had, like every great technologycompany worth its salt, a very humble beginning. Suhas started it out in an Internet café that he worked part-time at, in his neighborhood in the IT city of Bangalore, India. As Indian laws did not permit him to start a company, he was forced to register the company at San Jose, California in 2000. At age of 16 when most other teenagers are busy with things like studies, friends and games, Suhas was already recognized as the world’s youngest CEO by global media including BBC, Washington Times and the LimcaBook of Records.Today, Globals Inc operates worldwide, with representation in at least 11 countries and clients numbering over 200 across the globe.

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