Pumpkin Carving - How to Do It

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
This Halloween season, there are plenty of pumpkin patterns offers a best shot on how to do it. I would like to share this technique to you in a very simple way. Please remember this tips before you start your task:
First, look for the best pumpkin you can get. Look for a large one with flat and smooth side because somehow, it will make easier for you to carve.
Second, before you start, spread few layers of paper or probably used newspaper for easy and quick clean-up after. By-the-way, you can save the seeds, you can toast it for snacks.
Third, remember that pumpkins only last for few days and keep in mind that your pumpkin must not be rotten before the Halloween night.Fourth, remember the safety things in your workplace because Halloween season comes only once in the entire year and remember not to think bad things to happen during this season. Keep you knifes and other slicing tools or even your candle not to reached by children in your workplace.You're ready to work with your pumpkin carving.
The following steps was posted byDevine.Cawebsite and it was the best technique I can offer to you.
Step 1:Holding a serrated knife, cut a circle around the pumpkin’s stem. Make sure to cut the hole at an angle as this will prevent the“lid” from falling into the pumpkin. Remember to also make the hole large enough to easily reach inside the pumpkin so you can remove the seeds and membranes.
Step 2:Remove the seeds and membranes by hand, and then use a large spoon or scooping utensil in order to scrape the sides clean and make them smooth.
Step 3:Draw a design onto a plain sheet of white paper or print out one of our fun jack-o-lantern stencils below. Tape the paper to thepumpkin.
Step 4:Using a sharp nail, poke holes through the paper along the pattern lines, creating a “dot-to-dot” pattern on the skin of the pumpkin.
Step 5:Using the serrated knife, cut out the design by following the dot-to-dot design of poked holes. Use your finger to push out the cut pieces. Add a tea light to the inside of the pumpkin. VoilĂ ! Your jack-o-lantern is ready for display!Give your best shot in Pumpkin Carving and gained skills on how to do it yourself for the next year seasonal celebration in yourtown. Happy Halloween!

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