Merrill Markoe

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Merrill Markoe was born on 13 August 1948 in New York. She made her name in television history as an author, a writer for television stories and also worked as stand up comedian. She took her graduation from Berkeley, University of California. After taking her masters degree she spent one year as assistant professor in university teaching “Freshman Life Drawing”.


She tried her best in developing concepts of charcoal and innovative sketches among her students but some groups of girls failed her strong aims. In order to enhance learning criteria she audited all classes and supervised every schedule.

After that she stopped working on her art career and become a writer for television stories. She was not intentionally prepared for TV career but her comedy materials “Spec” diverted her career attention towards TV Screen.

She was first employed for writing “Laugh In.” When “Laugh In II”, but unfortunately this material did not helped her to firm her position among all known writers.

After that she got a job on “Mary Tyler” short lived shows but she never knew her career will jumped upwards after meeting with “David Letterman”

She struggled hard in her writing profession for television. Although she failed many times but she became a grooming star with her work on “Late Night with David Letter Man” and this show brought five “Emmy awards” for her. But this show only lived for four months. After that certain situations made her to abandoned talk shows until she will decide to rejoin again.

Although she was offered high paid jobs for talk shows production but she decided to bring on air her own voice with all her production capabilities. She joined “Los Angeles Channel 13” where she appeared twice in a week in a segment “Merrill’s L.A.”

She also worked for many magazines shows like “Michael Moore’s TV”, “Not Necessarily the News” etc. she also supported many publications like “Rolling Stone”, “Time”, “New York” “Los Angeles Times” etc. She also completed her scripts for Holly wood movies.

During nineties she passed through shocking news that she did not gain any thing from her endless struggles in “Los Angeles”. But this courageous lady never became hopeless and started her career again to target nation. She wrote three most published books and many novels with a hope of living in the hearts of people.


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