ChicagoHalfMarathon 2009 Results

Sunday, October 11, 2009
Chicago Half Marathon, the Home town race had its 13th Annual racing event organized on September 13th 2009. This event was alsoaccompanied with a similar racing event known as 5K on the same day. Half Marathon is a 13.1mile race course and started at 7.30amwhere in runners are required to maintain a running pace of 13min per mile. Whereas for 5K the race started at 8.00 am with sametrack limits but the varying fact being the time period of race completion that was 45min which forced the runners to maintain a pace 15min per mile.The Chicago half marathon is known for its beautiful running course tracks, this time for the 13th annual event the track chosengave the runners a lake shore experience. Jackson Park was the venue of this great event, the Half Marathon and 5 K both commenced in same place that was Jackson Park.The entire race course involved the south lakefront, the Jackson Park Golf Course and the Midway Plaisance on the University of Chicago Campus. Along with beautiful tracks there were proper onsite medical services available, also proper water supply on different break points and recovery areas.This time the Chicago Half Marathon was won by a woman considered to be the fastest woman ever competing in half marathon, Kara Goucher. It took about 1 hour 8 min and 5 sec for Kara to complete the Half Marathon. By which she once again proved her world class position and ranking.
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The Results for this year’s Annual Chicago Half Marathon are declared there were all in all 14847 Participants who actually finished the complete half marathon out of which 6225 were males and 8622 were the females.
Some of the lead runners were as follows:-
Men Leader board [Half Marathon]Patrick Rizzo1:07:48Greg Costello1:08:50Emisael Favela1:08:54Jose Munoz1:09:13Matthew Lacey1:09:37Women Leader board [Half Marathon]Melissa White1:14:55Amanda Domich1:20:02Christina Overbeck1:21:39Amber Druien1:21:48Carol Jefferson1:22:21

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