Bolt Browser Updated to Version 1.5

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

091007054138-300x225 Bolt Browser has been updated to version 1.5 and includes some nice features and fixes.  With so many different mobile browsers to choose from these how does the new version of Bolt compare?

Well for one they continued to work on the speed of their browser.  New version 1.5 is 15% faster than beta 3 which is great for its new download manger feature.  It also improved its video player by adding volume controls and support for low end devices.  A big plus on a mobile browser is to have an integrated search feature and Bolt has added this as well.  Don't expect huge changes to the interface as for the most part it looks the same but does perform better.

Download Bolt Browser Version 1.5 (OTA)

new features:

-Cache support that enables directly browsing back to a previously visited page

-Enhanced column width control that auto-aligns the text to columns for ease of reading

-Ability to rearrange the subscribed feeds using the 'grab' feature- Access to

-History links from the URL window with inline editing OFF

-One click access on Home Page that ensures the cursor jumps to the desired widget


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