Symantec, Norton 2010 products launched in Bangalore

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Symantec, global leader in security storage and system management solution, has launched Norton 2010 products, new detection technologies that aid in fighting cyber crime.

Norton Internet Security 2010 and Norton AntiVirus 2010 leverages a new model of security, codenamed Quorum to detect new malware and is beyond the traditional signature and behaviour-based detection, said David Freer, VP, Consumer Business Unit, Symantec Asia Pacific and Japan.

Quorum takes the greatest weapon from cyber criminals - their ability to generate unique pieces of malware at an alarming rate -and turn it against them, he said.

Quorum, which took three years of development, tracks files and applications and dozens of their attributes such as their age, download source, digital signature and prevalence. These attributes are then combined using complex algorithms to determine a reputation.

As a file is distributed across the internet and these attributes change, Quorum updates the reputation of a file.

This reputation becomes important when a file is new, likely to be a threat, and traditional defences are not likely to detect it, he said.

“It uses a statistical analysis of file attributes based on billion of scans on millions of computers to identify the trust level of a file. It can identify files to be trustworthy or untrustworthy that would otherwise fall into grey areas of unknown with only traditional security methods”, he said.

On the features of Norton 2010 products, David said it took just a minute to install, used just over 10 Mb and could scan in only 61 seconds on a hard disk drive and in 31 seconds on solid state drive.

The Norton Insight Family of technologies in the new 2010 product uses online intelligence systems leveraging reputation to protect the PC.

Norton System Insight provides features and easy to understand system information to help keep PCs performing at top speed. The performance graphs help pinpoint what is causing a computer to slow down.

The Norton Threat Insight provides details on threats that have been detected on the PC including useful information on where it came and when it was initially encountered.

The Norton Insight Network leverages a cloud-based approach. Based on Quorum technology, it takes cloud-based security beyond the traditional blacklist and white list.

The products were available for purchase through retailers and the Symantec online store as well as various retail locations and online.

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