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Tuesday, September 29, 2009
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Bench Press Calculator to help build muscle fast. The bench press calculator allows you quickly determine your bench press one rep max based on the number of bench press repetitions completed for a given weight.

Many chest workout routines call for a specific number of repetitions using a specific amount of weight. Often times, this weight is indicated by a percentage, such as in the example below:

Exercise     Sets     Reps    Weight
Bench Presses     4     10    80%

The question quickly becomes, “80% of what, exactly?” Well then answer is 80% of your bench press one rep max. That is where our bench press calculator comes in.

With the bench press calculator, you can easily calculate your 1 rep max and various percentages to determine the target weight for each set.

To use the bench press calculator, perform a set of bench presses, using a weight you can handle for several reps. Lift the weight as many times as you can. When finished, enter the amount of weight used and the number of repetitions completed into the bench press calculator.

You will receive your one rep max (1RM) as well as the amount of weight that corresponds to several different percentages of that one rep max.


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