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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

During the performance in the stage play “A Steady Rain” Huge Jackman confronted the audience for not switching off their mobiles. Huge Jackman stopped the play when a cell phone rang in the stalls.
He was playing a role of Chicago policeman. During an intense moment the star won a cheer from the audience as cell phone rang. He said to phone owner “You want to get that? You want to get it? Grab it. I don’t care.”
When the phone rang continuously he pleaded: “Come on, just turn it off…Unless you’ve got a better story. You want to get up and tell your stories?”
The star of the X-Men sci-fi films, Huge Jackman and the current James Bond star, Daniel Craig were performing in the Broadway play “A Steady Rain”. After a few seconds of Jackman confrontation another phone rang, Daniel Craig intervened and said “Just get the phone,”

New Yorkers are mobile phone lovers and can’t be separated from cell phones. Craig was also interrupted 10 days ago during a performance despite of pre-performance warning “switch off mobile phones”.
This is not the first time that the stage actors are interrupted. During the West End performance in 2005, The British actor Richard Griffiths ordered a woman to leave theater due to ringing phone. He threatened to leave the stage during the performance in the “History Boys on Broadway” when phone rang 3 times.
It is also a duty of audience to abide by the rules and switch off their mobile phone during the stage plays.


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