Nathan Chen

Monday, January 25, 2010
Salt Lake City, Utah / ソルト・レーク・シティ (ユタ)

Image by Jose P Isern Comas via Flickr

At the AT&T U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Nathan Chen lifts the gold medal in the final event and teaches a lesson to the seniors. The tiny gold medalist is just 10-year-old yet brilliant and he deservingly won the title in the category of novice men.

It is always nice to see a youngster winning at any level and at any forum especially, when the kid is hardly ten years of age like a lad from Salt Lake City known as Nathan Chen. Despite his kind dismayed performance during the initial rounds, he made it to finals and in the end; lifted the gold proudly.

The audiences at the event of 2010 AT&T United States Championships in Figure Skating watched intently while a hardly 4 feet and few inches tall figure appeared on the floor and performed his routines. There were two occasions when the kid was down but recovered quickly and kept on impressing with his stunning performance.

Nathan Chen was all smiles when he heard his name being called as a ‘winner’ and he accepted his prize with a face full of relief and pride since he had taught his seniors a lesson for lifetime that; confidence is the key to success! By completing shedding off his tumbles out of mind, the youngster managed to keep a five-point lead till the end and went on to win in style.

After achieving a gold medal in novice men’s category, the youngest competing skater in a championship such as AT&T U.S, Nathan Chen stated: “though I missed jumps twice, otherwise I did everything well indeed.” His final rival in the competition was Emmanuel Savary, from Delaware University.


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