Opera 10.60, the next fast browser released

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Opera has unveiled the latest version of Opera browser, Opera 10.60. This latest browser has got the super features that suits and needed for current generation web browsing. Opera from a long time says Opera browser in the fast in the world, and for Opera 10.60 they named it as ‘fastest of the fast’. Opera 10.60 has got some cool features like ‘Opera Turbo’, ultra quick java script engine and supports HTML 5.Screenshot_1

New features in Opera 10.60
•Java Script engine in Opera 10.60 is 50% more faster.
•Supports WebM video and HTML 5.
•Geo location friendly browsing.
•Advanced search suggestions.
Opera 10.60 features number of other cool options and add-ons to provide a great browsing experience to the users.
Integrated Web Search: This cool feature lets you to search the website right from your opera browser. If you want to search ‘iPhone 4’ in Google, you no need to go to Google as you can simply put the search string directly in the address bar.
Opera Link: This is a nice feature that lets you to backup or synchronize your data with other mobile devices.
Opera Turbo: Surely the coolest feature of all, this Opera Turbo compresses the webpage to give the users lightning fast browsing experience. This is very useful for people with slow internet connections.

Sophisticated Tabs: Opera has updated the tabs feature with more options.
Add-ons: Add-ons improve the browsing experience by adding cool widgets and by changing the skins of the browser.

Mouse Gestures: Mouse gestures feature simplifies the browsing experience by making commons browser actions simple.

Speed dial: Just like your mobile phone, you can add a website to a particular number that will be displayed when dialed. This is a nice feature and reduces the time of typing website names again and again.

Zoom: Zoom option lets you to adjust the size and view the webpage on your comfort.

Content Blocking: This is another good feature which gives you an option to block images or the animations that eat up your bandwidth.


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