Knight and Day movie review

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When June (Cameron Diaz) bumps into Roy (Tom Cruise) at an airport, he seems like a nice guy. When they meet again on the plane, it looks like there might be something more between them. When he kills everyone else on the plane (they're all assassins sent to kill him), crashes the plane in a corn field, drugs her and leaves her back at her place… well, maybe that's a sign that something isn't quite right. knight_and_day_08

What follows is a collection of action sequences that usually end with June being drugged for her own good, which makes for a funny joke the first time around (as well as a fairly decent way to skip some boring scenes) unless you start to think about how you're watching a film about a woman falling in love with a guy who keeps knocking her out with drugs.

The action scenes are mostly well staged, but a heavy reliance on CGI blunts a lot of their impact once the cars start flying around, which leaves it the romance to keep things interesting. Tom Cruise Cameron Diaz Film Knight Day QvWU7fxzGyvl

Sadly, it's just not up to it.

Tom Cruise is charming and it's fun to see him loosen up a bit here, but the chemistry with Diaz isn't anything special and her performance (which is the heart of the film) sometimes feels a little flat.

If there was the slightest suggestion that anyone involved with this film had anything remotely interesting to say about male / female relationships, then the fact that only the first two action sequences provide any decent thrills wouldn't matter. As it stands, the only real draw here from start to finish is Tom Cruise's grin.Knight-and-day


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