Maurice Strong Global Warming Climate Exchange

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
United States Capitol building

Image by Bernt Rostad via Flickr

Under “cap and trade” or some of the Government of the United States a similar program, and derivativesand other bets will be placed, through exchange, does not emit in the amount of carbon dioxide by different entities.

The main characters with Obama in this project are the British Empire and allied with U.S. clients, including:

* Al Gore, former vice president and already a hundred millionaires through this fraud-related;

* Maurice Strong, and the British Empire strategic Malthusian genocide;

* Goldman Sachs, and now faces possible criminal charges for looting the world;

* Fannie Mae mortgage agency, the Federal role in bringing about an explosion on the world of credit, and

* Chicago financier – strategists who invented the derivatives and similar tools to block and looting economy.

The Joyce money went through Sandor, who became chairman of the Exchange. As chief economist for the Chicago Board of Trade in the early 1970s, Richard Sandor and other monetarist fanatics converted the Board of Trade into a central global agency for the London-dominated parasitical financial speculation which was to replace the advanced industrial economy. Leslie Rosenthal, another derivativesstrategist and former chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade, is a director of the Chicago Climate Exchange.

Although he was a senator of Illinois, Obama developed in 2000-2001, a private foundation for the start-up of the Exchange system, the United Kingdom, Wall Street, Chicago, and soon his beneficiaries increased rapidly in the U.S. Senate and the White house.

Even when Obama was still a state Senator in 2000-2001, He engineered this private Foundation funding for a start up of the Chicago Climate Exchange. whose British, Wall Street, and Chicago beneficiaries soon boosted him rapidly into the U.S. Senate and the White House

Strong is on the board of directors of the Chicago Climate Exchange, Wikipedia-described as “the world’s first and North America’s only legally binding greenhouse gas emission registry reduction system for emission sources and offset projects in North America and Brazil.”


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