Google 3D medical browser maps human body

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Google has developed a new browser that maps the human body in detail.
Called Google Body Browser, the hi-tech 3D application, hailed as a breakthrough, lets one explore the human body in much the same way one navigates the world on Google

It is likely to be the perfect tool for hypochondriacs who like to use Google to find out what is ailing them and who will get a gruesome thrill from analysing every last vein.

The Google Body Browser lets users scroll through different layers of the body, reports the Daily Mail.

Google had been tight-lipped about the application's development before a video appeared on the internet, which provides a sneak peek at how the new tool will work, according to a Google statement.

Google Body Browser also ushers in the introduction of brand new internet technology called WebGL, that will allow complex 3D graphics to be used on normal web pages, without the need for specially adapted browser plug-ins like Flash or Java.

In the video, the browser is used to dissect the human body and identify organs, bones and muscle groups. The body can be turned, manipulated and stripped to the bare bones to show how it functions.

Ahead of its official unveiling, Google has released a version available on WebGL-supported browsers or beta versions of Firefox and Google Chrome, which can be downloaded from the Google Body Browser site (


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