Cheryl Cole ready to release her second album

Friday, October 15, 2010
Cheryl Cole

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Cheryl Cole is all set to release her second album, ‘Messy Little Raindrops’ on November 1. There are eight cracking new tracks, recorded during one of the most turbulent years of her life, reports the Sun.One song in particular, “Happy Tears”, goes straight for love rat ex-husband Ashley's jugular. The lyrics include lines about slashing his tyres, burning his suits, knocking back apologies, blocking calls and selling all her diamonds.

As Cheryl might say: "Divvint mess with me, pet." At first it sounds like a weepy heartbreaker with the opening lines: "I cried when I heard you were cheatin''/I cried when I said I was leavin''/I cried when my heart stopped believin''/But I''m all out of tears." But the chorus explains these are no tears of pain. Oh no. Just "happy tears".

The X Factor judge didn't write the song herself but approved the lyrics. Her debut album, ‘3 Words’, is triple platinum - more than 900,000 copies - and she has sold over 1.5million singles and according to the sources, her latest album is shaping up for a similar success. Her first single from it, “Promise This”, is already out, with more pop than bubble wrap.


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