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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wyatt Earp is a 1994 American semi-biographical Western film, written by Dan Gordon and Lawrence Kasdan and directed by Kasdan. Cast: Kevin Costner starring as the bailiff Wyatt Earp, and features an ensemble cast that includes Dennis Quaid, Gene Hackman, Isabella Rossellini, Mark Harmon, Michael Madsen, Joanna Going, Tom Sizemore, Bill Pullman, Jobeth Williams, Linden Ashby, and Mare Winningham.
The film opens with Wyatt Earp as a teenager living on the family farm. His three brothers, Virgil and James, are at war, serving in the army of the Union. Wyatt dreams of war, but also packages a few things in its rate of younger brothers and sisters goodbye, and attempts to escape, intending to lie about his age and join the Union Army. It does not make it beyond the farm to his father catches him and forces him to return home. Some time later, the brothers returned home at the end of the war, with James seriously wounded. Soon the family moved to the west. It is in this step, which sees Wyatt first person killed, shot during a firefight. He was sick at the sight, and nausea.

Years pass, finding its development west cab. During his time there, he also works as a referee for fights, and finds himself in conflict with the scam. Wyatt and bully eventually come to the site of fighting, with the bully, intending to shoot Wyatt. Wyatt disarms him and overcomes him, taking his gun as a trophy.

Back home in Missouri, Wyatt married his childhood sweetheart, Urilla Sutherland (Annabeth Gish). 2 to move in his own house, and he begins to work in the police. Several months later, during pregnancy, his wife died of typhus. It is located next to her throughout the illness, becoming a deep depression after that. He burns his house and everything they own, begins to drink, and drifting from city to city, eventually landed in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. It deprives a man and stealing his horse, but took a short time later. With Wyatt encountered some hanging, father bails him out of jail, saying to leave and never return to Arkansas.

He began working as a buffalo hunter, where he meets Bat and Ed Masterson. 3 friends and work together for hunting buffalo, with two brothers worked Skinner Wyatts. Years pass, and he begins to work as a deputy marshal in Wichita, Kansas, and builds a reputation as a good executor. He is recruited to work as a deputy in Dodge City, with lower wages, but also for the additional money for each arrest made, eventually making more than he would be in Wichita. In Dodge City, he builds a reputation as a hard, and he kills his first man, shooting in the presence of actress Josie Marcus. Wyatt is romantically involved with a prostitute, Mattie Blaylock, and Masterson to start working with him as deputy. Wyatt did not agree with Ed Masterson works bailiff, considering it too passive. Nevertheless, Dodge City Council decides that Ed is more acceptable than Wyatt because of excessive force by the latter, and to dismiss him, appointing Ed take his place. Wyatt then started working on the railroad, to capture the criminals.

Pursuing prohibit Dave Rudabaugh, he meets a murderer and a player Doc Holliday, in Fort Griffin, Texas, and the two become friends. Holliday Earp helps in finding Rudabaugh, which he does not like extremely. Soon Wyatt received word that Ed Masterson was murdered, having shot and killed both attackers before dying on the street. Wyatt returned to Dodge City to help bring law and order. Having spent some time there, he and his family moved to Tombstone, Arizona to protest wives Earp, and Mattie. Wyatt immediately comes into conflict with the “Cowboy” gang. He meets and is romantically involved with a popular actress Josie Marcus, which puts him at odds with her boyfriend, Sheriff Behan. This attitude also causes tensions with Mattie, and becomes the object of rumors about the city.

Wyatt and his brothers Morgan and Virgil arrest several Cowboys, and Virgil takes over as marshal of the city after the assassination of Marshal Fred White. The brothers find themselves in conflict with the Cowboys often, and the tension builds. Wyatt is divided into several altercations with the Cowboys, in particular, Ike Clanton (Jeff Fahey) and Doc Holliday swears loyalty to Wyatt, whom he considers his only true friend. In the end, Gunfight at the OK Corral takes place, the brothers have become very popular in the city. Virgil ambushed and wounded, and Morgan was killed. The film shows that only fleetingly Vendetta Ride with Wyatt and his friends, out of revenge for the rest of the “Cowboys”, and then misses a lot of years later, he and Josie in gold mining in Alaska. While en route to the boat, a young man in a boat recognizes Wyatt, and tells a story in which Wyatt had saved the boy’s uncle, “Tommy Over-The-Deuce” (John Doe). The film ends with Wyatt says Josie, “Some say that it’s not that way”, to which she replied “Do not pay any attention to them, Wyatt. It happened that way.”


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