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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Marlo-ThomasMarlo Thomas:TV series “That Girl” was a hit in 1960 for Marlo Thomas. Many well-known and highly identifiable actresses have tried and Many other roles followed – in show business and in real life.
If you happen to be cruising New York Harbor, you can spot the man who looks a little familiar.

Marlo Thomas has to be one of the hardest working women in show business. Just ask a boat captain – who also happens to be her husband Thomas, a former talk show host Phil Donahue.

“I mean, her brain on fire and she just holds out his hand. It does not air kiss of life. She grabs him, and it is very impressive, actually.”

We learned, as Thomas TV “That Girl”, and she has appeared on countless other TV shows, including playing the mother of Rachel on “Friends.” Thomas won an Emmy for a more serious role, portraying a mentally ill woman in “Children’s Nobody’s”.

She has appeared on Broadway, too, and has published several books, including one of the new next week, “Growing up, laughing,” about life with her late father, the 1950′s and 60′s comedy star Danny Thomas.

He always said: “I’m not proud, I’ll take a joke from someone if it’s a good joke. And I think it really gave my sister and brother, and I’m a real leg to assess humor, laughter assessment,” she said.

Today, Marlo Thomas penthouse with views of Manhattan, but she grew up in Beverly Hills, where Tom was a hangout for some of the most famous American comedians.

Milton Berle: “. He was completely on all the time he entertained at our parties birthday he did card tricks are very bad..”

Sid Caesar. “Very quiet, most comfortable when he spoke in the accent”

On George Burns: “I just worshiped him that he is the one who stood up for me when my dad said that he did not want me to actress and George would have said: ..” What do you want it to be, a milliner? Of course, it’s going to be an actress. ”

On her father: “… He really did not want me to do this he had many rough years, the years of the start and it just was afraid for me, he told me later, he said:” I just Didn “I want to get through these first years with someone that I love. ”

But it is clicked, landing small roles in shows like “Bonanza,” where she played the role of the Sino-Persian bride mail who clashes with Hoss Cartwright.

But in 1966 she helped to develop his own show, about that yet, aspiring actress.
Thomas was supposed to have big hair. It was a revolutionary show, the first time in the history of the protagonist in a comedy was a young career woman who lived on her own. Further, only at the dawn of the women’s movement, the series was a hit.

So it was a big wave, and “That Girl” just rode that wave, “she said. Mail we got was simply amazing. I mean, I was expecting, I love your flips and all that. But they wrote to me and told me 22 years and have two children and a husband beats me, and I do not know where to go. ”

Those letters prompted Thomas to join forces with Gloria Steinem and other leading feminists found Ms. Foundation to assist women.

And she produced and starred in the historical record and album of the Emmy-winning TV show called “free to be you and me.” He urged young people not to be bound by gender stereotypes.

The scene where she and Harry Belafonte to appear, the couple raised a few eyebrows online.

“ABC asked us to take it. They also asked us to accept that William wants a doll, because it was, you know,” boys should not have dolls.

“But, you know, the country does not include parts. And no one got a doll that did not want a doll.”

Despite all this, Marlo Thomas is always time for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, raising funds, and support groups. This was another part of her family heritage.

And proudly shines above all is Danny Thomas. Marlowe’s father, founded the hospital in 1962.

“We thought St. Jude was one of our uncle, we have heard his name like that,” she said.

From St. Jude, and everything else, one thing that never interested in Marlo Thomas was married.

“What is it to pull the marriage? You know, I was totally against it. But never say never.”

Because “never” gone when Thomas was a guest on the show Phil Donahue in 1977. They loved each other. But we know about her vow against marriage, he had to spoil the courage to offer.

“It does not happen overnight. I was scared,” said Donahue. “I mean, five children. Come on, ‘Here, honey, that’s five children.”

She took in every case and, as she writes in her new book, she moved to Phil and his four teenage sons still live at home.

“What really got to me, however, was that they were asking me where their things were. Where are my shoes?” Phil would always ask. What is it about men? “They think that we women, radar attached to the uterus. And what really killed me was that I knew where they were. I knew where the shoes were Phil. I knew where all four boys. How did this happen? ”

But 30 years later, they are still happily sailing along. And with the launch of its new website, and the movie soon to be released, she has no plans to resign. In fact, he did not even ask how old she is.


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