Intel Offers CPU upgrade card

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The new CPU upgrade card will have code contained in it that will give a speed bump to your processor and take its performance to the next level. Right now the CPU upgrade card is in its test phase and it will be soft launched in certain stores to gauge the consumer reaction.IntelInside

The new Cpu Upgrade card will be able to help PC owners running Pentium G6951 2.8 GHz dual core system might be able to take advantage of this new technology. The cards will be priced at a modest USD 50 and they will increase the computing power by a certain degree but don't expect Core i-7 like performances.

The CPU upgrade apparently unlocks some additional cache memory on the processor and provides 1MB of L3 cache. The code also activates hyper-threading, which forces the single core CPU to act like a dual core model. Intel representatives said that they want to give users a way to choose the level of performance they want from their processor. On the other hand we think this is a shoddy marketing strategy to make users cough up more money by locking up certain features in the hardware itself.


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