Google to speed up Web searches with Instant Pages

Wednesday, June 15, 2011
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Google Inc unveiled new features and technology to speed up Web searches and to make it easier for people to use its flagship search engine as they increasingly access the Internet from handheld mobile devices.

At a briefing in San Francisco, Google demonstrated a new feature called Instant Pages which allows certain Web pages to pop-up in a user's Web browser nearly instantaneously, as well as a revamped version of its website for mobile devices.

Google, the world's No.1 Internet search engine, said that traffic coming from mobile devices such as smartphones has increased by a factor of five during the past two years.

"We see all this mobile traffic growing on top of our desktop (PC) traffic," Google Fellow Amit Singhal said.

Singhal said that consumers' increased use of mobile devices benefits Google by allowing people to continue searching the Internet during times when searches on desktop PCs typically wane, such as after 9 p.m., during the weekends and during the summer months.

"There is no summer slump" with Internet searches on mobile devices, he said.


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